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1 Earth Empires Other

Earth Empires

Earth Empires is a free browser based strategy game where you take control of your nation's military and economy. Command your country's military to attack and defend against your enemies. Execute attack strategies to relieve opponents of their resou

2 MMA Tycoon Game Fantasy

MMA Tycoon Game

MMA Tycoon is a free to play MMA Management Game - a must try game for all fans of the UFC or MMA in general. Youll start by creating a stable of fighters and booking them in to fight in the Quick Fighting Championships. If you win in the QFC, you

3 Konoro Kingdom Fantasy

Konoro Kingdom

Browser based game with maps, exploring, multiple settlements and varied armies. Currently in Alpha testing looking for more players.

4 Dawn 2055 Fantasy

Dawn 2055

Dawn 2055 is set in a world destroyed by nuclear war. It is now up to players to rebuild it or continue to cause havoc and destruction. The game offers world fully driven by players. Players start by choosing one of several specialties which later

5 Miniconomy Urban


Miniconomy is a free to play online economy game, where you can have your own shop and trade goods with other players. The goal of the game is to make money and become as rich as possible, but each player can choose how to get there. Either by sellin

6 Rule the Seas Other

Rule the Seas

In Rule the Seas you can set out on grand adventures to the four corners of the world, visiting exotic locations above and below the briny deep. Work your way up through all the cutthroats and scallywags to become your own captain. Build a vast fortu

7 Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire Fantasy

Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire

Free Ship when you sign-up. Complete missions for more ships and other rewards. Control everything from ships up to an entire empire. Dedicated human moderators. Player and Moderator driven plotlines.

8 Deep Space Colony Fantasy

Deep Space Colony

Build your colony on one of the three planets in the galaxy, there to trade, but also build your fleets and to conquer the other 2 planets. After a tutorial that will help you understand the basic concepts of the game, you can embark on various a

9 Europe1300 Fantasy


Realistic historical medieval sim

10 Dead At Sea Other

Dead At Sea

Online Pirate Themed Mmorpg. sail and conquer the seas! Take your own route kill, pillage, slay, invade, take over! You name you can do it all here at Dead At Sea!

11 Envy the Game Urban

Envy the Game

You scramble out from the ruined basement as it collapses... almost on top of you. Now you need a new hiding place. For one moment all thought leaves your mind as a scream rips through the air and you hear struggling just down the street. Should

12 Directive Alpha Sci-Fi

Directive Alpha

DirectiveAlpha is a new auto-idle game set in space. Fight alien monsters on distant planets to earn Bits, the intergalactic currency, or extract valuable resources from methane vents and underground wells. Use your radar to discover large iron-ric

13 PotionEmpire Fantasy


PotionEmpire it's a unique mix of fantasy and managerial game. In PotionEmpire each player owns an alchemy shop and plays the role of a young novice who began his ascent to fame and knowledge. Explore the territory searching the rarest alchemical ing

14 Fleet Wars Sci-Fi

Fleet Wars

Fleet Wars is a multiplayer turn based strategy game. Fleet Wars brings an exciting new twist to the Sci Fi strategy genre by focusing on ship design and fleet formations. You will take arms against other Empires in an attempt to dethrone them from t

15 ChaoticWars Fantasy


Think you have what it takes to be the best? Become the most feared of all? Be the richest in the world? Will you survive and build your reputation, or will you be destroyed? Many people around the world think you haven't got what it takes. WR

17 GothicHammer Sci-Fi


Gothic Hammer is a space opera browser based game that is totally free. A new EXTREMELY easy version of the game has just started. Join and start claiming Star Systems for your empire immediately. Join now before other players stake out their cla

18 UndercoverMafians Fantasy


Undercovermafians is an online role playing game based on ranking up and the aim is becoming the best note: can be very addictive ;)

19 Games at World Fantasy

Games at World

Fantastic medieval games, shooting games, flying games, alien games, skill games, card games at Games at World.

20 Guess The Logo Fantasy

Guess The Logo

Play Guess The Logo games on your browser or mobile devices. Can you guess the brands real logo?

21 Astrum Regatta Fantasy

Astrum Regatta

Astrum Regatta is an online space trading simulation that immerses you into the role of a freelancing spaceship pilot in a universe full of dangers and opportunities. You can become a cunning pirate or a wealthy trader; a fleet commander or a lon

22 Game Of Win Fantasy

Game Of Win

A free, browser-based MMORPG with many features such as questing, world exploration, guilds, land control and 4 player synchronized group combat. Limited offer: New users will receive 50 tokens.

23 HackMe Fantasy


HackMe is a game of skill and observation. every week, a riddle will appear on the start page and you will have 7 days to solve it and find the system password in order to proceed. In order to solve the riddle you will have to visit other pages,

24 Battleships Fantasy


Battleships is a remake of the classic guessing game for two players. Shoot down all enemy ships and lead your fleet to the victory! Thanks to responsive design the game can be played on any modern mobile device.

25 Sol Source Online Sci-Fi

Sol Source Online

Sol Source Online is a free to play browser based strategy game where plays fight for dominance of the galaxy. Got what it takes?

26 Immortal Day Fantasy

Immortal Day

Immortal Day is an engaging online vampire game featuring Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, Hunters, and Zombie Hybrids. Immortal Day is a highly social game environment where making friends as well as enemies is encouraged. Take a break from reality an

27 Nations Other


Create your own Nation in this FREE strategy browser game about Exploitation, Trading and Warfare. Compete with friends and foes to become the Greatest Power in the World!

28 Corrupted Realmz Fantasy

Corrupted Realmz

TZD Games decided it was time to bring the traditional MUD game to a new level. Clans must battle for control of resource lands needed to make and improve their gear. As a single player you must embark on a story line quest of adventure. Mug other pl

29 Roboid Incorporated Sci-Fi

Roboid Incorporated

Roboid Incorporated is a free mobile friendly browser-based multiplayer text game. It is an RPG with a rich story and mission system. In a city destroyed by war, you find yourself immersed in the popular sport of combat bot fighting. Trainers buy

30 Insane Gangsters Other

Insane Gangsters

Wanna be the best?..think you ARE the best?.. then come on in and play Insane Gangsters. The missions and crimes are the best place to start, build up your money to buy weapons and protection, the quicker you complete your missions the quicker you

31 Drakor Fantasy


Launched Publicly Oct 6th, 2014! Text-based Browser RPG game, 13 Tradeskills, Unique Combat System, Dungeons, Chat, Guilds, Virtually Unlimited Loot to Obtain! Awesome Community! Drakor offers players the best user game experience of any text-based

32 Fallen Sanctum Fantasy

Fallen Sanctum

With many skills, quests and achievements what's there to miss. Come join all your friends in the epic battle against mankind's worst nightmare. Raise guilds and fight against the most epic monsters on the planet and go on the worlds deadliest advent

33 Masters of The Mat Fantasy

Masters of The Mat

Pro Wrestling Game Online MMORPG. Create Wrestlers, Tag Team and Federations. Play on multiple game servers. Free to join and play.

34 PokemonPets Pokemon MMORPG Online Game Fantasy

PokemonPets Pokemon MMORPG Online Game ✔ Pokemon Pets is a unique browser based MMO RPG game that doesn't require any downloads or plugins to play ✔ It closely mimics Nintendo's Pokémon handheld games with the added excitement of playing online alongsi

35 Dragon City Fantasy

Dragon City

Build a magical world in Dragon City! Gain hundreds of dragons, breed them and make them level up in order to become a Dragon Master! Train your dragons for battle and show off their strength by engaging in combat with other players! Enjoy a full e

36 Ondarun - Car racing team manager Sports

Ondarun - Car racing team manager

Ondarun 3 is the new version of the racing team manager game online since 2008. Once registered, you become a racing team manager. You'll start with a "TODO LIST" which gives you fundamental things to do. Ondarun offers you the choic

37 all online free games Fantasy

all online free games

Title: Online free Games website | Play online new games | Online games directory website list Keyword: play online games, free online games, online games website, online games directory, free video games download Description:

38 The Land of Karchan Fantasy

The Land of Karchan

Karchan is a fantasy game. It has horror elements at times depending on what storylines you build, and some people consider it to have mild steampunk leanings at times. It was originally created to resemble Lord of the Rings, but has greatly evolved

39 Medieval Europe Fantasy

Medieval Europe

Become a King and show your communication and leadership skills or help your Kingdom/Religion to succeed in this Medieval role play game.

40 Operation-B Other


Operation-B is a free multiplayer strategy browser game. Where tactical insight is more important than pure strength and outnumbering the enemy. In short the game revolves around this: Every player has to form a team of mercenaries, which he will

41 Grand Theft RPG Fantasy

Grand Theft RPG

Welcome to Grand Theft RPG, a browser based role playing game based on the popular video game series, GTA. Once you start playing, you will gain cash and experience by doing various missions in order to level up and complete The Big Heist you've alwa

42 Minecraft Fantasy


The easiest way to download Mods, Resource Packs, Texture Packs, Maps, Skins for Minecraft.

43 Light Rising Sci-Fi

Light Rising

A Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Game set in Space In the Year 2244, humanity came upon its future self. The same year the Earth became an uninhabitable wasteland, utterly destroyed during the period which would later come to be known as the Asc

44 Top mobster Other

Top mobster

Top Mobster is a FREE turn-based mafia web based massive multiplayer online game! Are you good enough to step into this world of fierce Mobster wars? Win 1000s monthly!

45 Got Gremlins Fantasy

Got Gremlins

GOT GREMLINS Free Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game Find the GREMLINS in Public Institutions! Lead your ARMY OF GREMLINS! Got Gremlins is a funny but complex strategy game where you play with the gremlins that influence your daily lif

47 Urban

OGame-style Mafia Browser Game from Rooks and Games. Languages available: ENGLISH, SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, ITALIAN, FRENCH, GERMAN. International server. Video:

48 eRepublik the new world Urban

eRepublik the new world

The first massive online social strategy game! Attempt to create the greatest business empire in the eWorld! Or...become the greatest soldier in your nation! Or...become the Country President through shrewd political maneuvering! Anything is possible

49 Toxicpits Fantasy


The ego of humankind has destroyed over 3000 years of progress and the Earth is left a Toxic Pit of suffering and depravity. Dust clouds block the sunlight and the buildings of the planet are left in ruins. Lucky to have survived the meltdowns

50 Space of Legends Fantasy

Space of Legends

Space of Legends, an epic space adventure. Wage war or trade to bring your people to the top of the galaxy. Join now and discover an active community, exclusive mods and updates on regular basis. 100% free, no pay to win or premium features.

51 Economies of Scale Fantasy

Economies of Scale

Guide your company to glory by producing top quality goods, or control market price by having the highest market share, or simply sit back and invest in a profitable company and let them do the work for you... Economies of Scale is a free real-tim

52 New 1000 AD Fantasy

New 1000 AD

Browser based strategy war game. Build a medieval empire and battle for control of 1000 ad.

53 Conclave Fantasy


Conclave is an online RPG that captures the spirit of a tabletop game. * An original fantasy setting rich in lore: The story begins in the Conclave, a realm where the races of the Kin have gathered after the long Age of Retreat. Its people have ce

54 world of the dead Fantasy

world of the dead

a pretty awesome google maps based mmo

55 Many Suns Mobile Sci-Fi

Many Suns Mobile

Free Mobile Web Browser Based Space Strategy Multiplayer Online Game. Galaxy wide exploration and combat. Play on your phones web browser. No download required!

56 ArchBattle Mobile Fantasy

ArchBattle Mobile

Free Mobile Browser Based Multiplayer Strategy Game. Battle your enemies and expand your empire, train citizens to gather resources and build structures, forge items to equip your army.

57 Online Warfare Fantasy

Online Warfare

The first Call of Duty browser game.

58 Dragon Slayer Fantasy

Dragon Slayer

Free Browser RPG Game. Create hero, slay enemies, have fun with friends.

59 Starpires Fantasy


Starpires is a sci-fi themed, turned based, empire building and strategy game. Compete against thousands of other people to build the largest empire in the galaxy. Players start out with 5 planets, some military forces and build their empire whil

60 WarofImperators Fantasy


Wollt Ihr ein Ganzes Universum Beherrschen? Dann werdet zum Imperator und zeigt allen was es heißt, ein richtiger Herrscher zu sein! Die meisten von euch kennen genug Weltraum Browser Games, aber dieses hier bietet einfach mehr. Ihr werdet viel

61 High Descent Fantasy

High Descent

You are a 12th century nobleman and you have control of a small army of mercenaries. There are other noblemen who would love to see you fall, thereby having your power and land distributed amongst them.

62 Free Pokemon Style Monster MMORPG Browser Game V2 1200+ Monsters Fantasy

Free Pokemon Style Monster MMORPG Browser Game V2 1200+ Monsters

So what is Monster MMORPG ? Monster MMORPG is a free to play, browser based, full scale MMORPG game with development driven by our player base. Currently, the game is being developed by Furkan Gözükara (M.Sc.) with the help of volunteer players

63 War of Imperators Fantasy

War of Imperators

Die meisten von euch kennen genug Weltraum Browsergames, aber dieses hier bietet einfach mehr. Ihr werdet viele neue Sachen entdecken die es woanders nicht gibt. Dennoch ist das Spielprinzip leicht zu verstehen und baut sich langsam und vor allem log

64 Space Discovery Sci-Fi

Space Discovery

Travel the milkstreet in this virtual browser-based strategy game. Build mighty bulwarks on other planets and swing up to the masters of mankind ... In the space browser game Space Discovery you enter a new world of mystery and adventure. You sta

65 Soulhunters Fantasy


Welcome to Soulhunters an online text based RPG where you and your friends can battle gruesome monsters, annoying old ladies and even each other to rise through the ranks and become the Top Hunter!

66 Playa Fantasy


Explore and conquer locations all over the world. Play super addictive puzzle game. Slide glowing orbs across the screen until 3 or more are adjacent to attack foes. Command a team of monsters and explore countless locations to collect treasure and

67 EternaVerse Beta Fantasy

EternaVerse Beta

Join hundreds of players in a new Strategy Game! Build massive fleets, powerful defenses, wage war with other players and colonize new worlds across a massive galaxy! Conquer the Verse! Over a hundred technologies, buildings, ships, and defenses to

68 Star Wars: The Battle for Supremacy Sci-Fi

Star Wars: The Battle for Supremacy

"Star Wars: Battle for Supremacy" is an exciting new RPG game which creates a visually immersive universe for you to dabble around in so that you can visually see and feel your surroundings as you role play while at the same time having a s

69 Battlestar Fantasy


Space game build empires or concore. War battles to stay on the top.

70 Medieval Generals Medieval

Medieval Generals

Medieval Generals is a tile based grand strategy game where you take the role of a general and service the kingdom you selected. Then build an army to conquer strategically important lands and cities on your way to victory. Immerse yourself in a big

71 Game Casually Fantasy

Game Casually

Game Casually is your portal for the best browser based online and free to play games. We feature the latest, newest and best browser games from hardcore MMORPGs to casual games. Games which require download or games which can be played in directly y

72 Undead Inferno Fantasy

Undead Inferno

Undead Inferno is a free to play PBBG (persistent browser based game) multiplayer roleplaying (MMORPG) post-apocalyptic game. You can play the game online in your browser with no download required and for free. Play with thousands of other players an

73 Gangster-Rivals Other


Gangster rivals is all about rising through the ranks and building your empire. It's a very unique take on online MMORPG mafia games, and I'm sure you will stick around for a while once you sign up. Join today and receive $25,000 and 5 points for you

74 Netburbia Other


Who are the people in your cyberhood?

75 Age of Wizards Fantasy

Age of Wizards

A free browser based MMORPG with turn-based tactical combat, perks, quests and a rich storyline set in a world of fantasy. In this massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) you play as either man, elf, dwarf or hobbit bound for adventures

76 Rising Grave Fantasy

Rising Grave

Rising Grave is a free browser-based multiplayer game where you have just risen from the dead and are fighting to survive. You will need to scavenge the streets, search through abandoned buildings, raid survivor camps, and hunt down the remaining

77 Cologna Fantasy


Was ist Cologna ? Cologna ist ein Browsergame, deine Aufgabe besteht darin eine kleine Siedlung in eine blühende Metropole zu verwandeln. Um dieses Ziel zu erreichen stehen dir viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten zur Verfügung. Über 50 Ge

78 Underworld Mafia Fantasy

Underworld Mafia

It can be hard to make a living in this town. Some turn to legitimate means of earning, others are far less honest. You have decided to embark upon the path of the criminal and have contacted a local hoodlum to show you the ropes. He has instructed y

79 Spacetrace Fantasy


SpaceTrace is real time space warfare strategy simulation set in a galaxy inhabited by 5 races. Each player is the ruler of a planet that can build fleets with spaceships. By optimal tuning of the individual fleet sections and particularly through

80 Gangster Nation Other

Gangster Nation

The best online gangster game, running since 2005. It's free to play and packed full of great features, along with a great community of players. Join today, you can sign up or login using an existing Google, Facebook or Yahoo account.

81 DragonRol Juego de dragonball multijugador Other

DragonRol Juego de dragonball multijugador

Juego de dragon ball multijugador no requiere descarga, puedes seleccionar varias razas, puedes hacer fusiones o poderes, encuentra cartas y con el ki haz el kayoken, el kame hame ha , la henky dama

82 Box4win Juego de box Sports

Box4win Juego de box

Juego de boxeo en tiempo real, noquea jugadores de todo el mundo, gana campeonatos , entrenate como el mejor! No requiere instalar Boxing game, fight versus player about all world!

83 Dinkyrol Juego de rol Fantastico multijugador Medieval

Dinkyrol Juego de rol Fantastico multijugador

Juego de rol fantastico, no necesita instalación, puedes pelear con otros jugadores, selecciona entre 9 razas, realiza hechizos, no necesita una máquina nueva

84 Lyrania Fantasy


A free persistent browser game with no turns or limits, play all day long if you want to! Fight monsters and bosses, quest, build houses, join guilds, build guild buildings to gain combat boosts. And chat, of course. The chatting is good.

85 uCity Crime Game Online Sci-Fi

uCity Crime Game Online

Online crime game mixed with mobster game in a future setting. Casinos, Bank Heists, Occult Rituals, Ghost Busting, Tomb Raiding. Apocalyptic plot. No Download. No Flash. GvG. Anime graphics. Riddles. JRPG and stealth Combat. 100% Browser Based.

86 Star Wars Combine Fantasy

Star Wars Combine

The Star Wars Combine is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing simulation game based on the Star Wars Universe, developed by amateurs in their spare time. This sentence summarises the concept behind this project, and great care must be tak

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