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1 Directive Alpha Sci-Fi

Directive Alpha

DirectiveAlpha is a new auto-idle game set in space. Fight alien monsters on distant planets to earn Bits, the intergalactic currency, or extract valuable resources from methane vents and underground wells. Use your radar to discover large iron-ric

2 Fleet Wars Sci-Fi

Fleet Wars

Fleet Wars is a multiplayer turn based strategy game. Fleet Wars brings an exciting new twist to the Sci Fi strategy genre by focusing on ship design and fleet formations. You will take arms against other Empires in an attempt to dethrone them from t

3 GothicHammer Sci-Fi


Gothic Hammer is a space opera browser based game that is totally free. A new EXTREMELY easy version of the game has just started. Join and start claiming Star Systems for your empire immediately. Join now before other players stake out their cla

4 Sol Source Online Sci-Fi

Sol Source Online

Sol Source Online is a free to play browser based strategy game where plays fight for dominance of the galaxy. Got what it takes?

5 Roboid Incorporated Sci-Fi

Roboid Incorporated

Roboid Incorporated is a free mobile friendly browser-based multiplayer text game. It is an RPG with a rich story and mission system. In a city destroyed by war, you find yourself immersed in the popular sport of combat bot fighting. Trainers buy

6 Light Rising Sci-Fi

Light Rising

A Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Game set in Space In the Year 2244, humanity came upon its future self. The same year the Earth became an uninhabitable wasteland, utterly destroyed during the period which would later come to be known as the Asc

7 Many Suns Mobile Sci-Fi

Many Suns Mobile

Free Mobile Web Browser Based Space Strategy Multiplayer Online Game. Galaxy wide exploration and combat. Play on your phones web browser. No download required!

8 Space Discovery Sci-Fi

Space Discovery

Travel the milkstreet in this virtual browser-based strategy game. Build mighty bulwarks on other planets and swing up to the masters of mankind ... In the space browser game Space Discovery you enter a new world of mystery and adventure. You sta

9 Star Wars: The Battle for Supremacy Sci-Fi

Star Wars: The Battle for Supremacy

"Star Wars: Battle for Supremacy" is an exciting new RPG game which creates a visually immersive universe for you to dabble around in so that you can visually see and feel your surroundings as you role play while at the same time having a s

10 uCity Crime Game Online Sci-Fi

uCity Crime Game Online

Online crime game mixed with mobster game in a future setting. Casinos, Bank Heists, Occult Rituals, Ghost Busting, Tomb Raiding. Apocalyptic plot. No Download. No Flash. GvG. Anime graphics. Riddles. JRPG and stealth Combat. 100% Browser Based.

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